We first came to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2016 under the Spoken Word section and were called 'surprisingly funny', and we've been in the comedy section surprisingly speaking words ever since.  


The Harry and Chris show

We described this show as a fusion of spoken word and jazz and were surprised why flyering people in the street was so difficult. This show included a song about Monopoly, a 'Christian YouthWork Medley' and an attempt to simultaneously win best and worst joke of the fringe. 


The Harry And Chris show 2

We put as much thought into this show title as into our band name, but looking back on it, it was probably a hard sell for any 'best newcomer' categories as our comedy debut. Featuring pandas, Robot Wars, Time Travel and vegetarianism.


Harry and Chris Save the world

We're back at the fringe this year and we didn't call it The Harry and Chris Show 3! We worked out we have comedy-rap-jazz superpowers and so applied them to noble causes such as preventing an apocalypse, winning the world cup and Teletubbies. We're then taking it on a UK tour!