We first came to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2016 under the Spoken Word section and were called 'surprisingly funny', and we've been in the comedy section surprisingly speaking words ever since.  

HarryChrisSaveTheWorld-A5-Ed CROPPED.jpg

Harry and Chris Save the world (2018)

We're back at the fringe this year and we didn't call it The Harry and Chris Show 3! We worked out we have comedy-rap-jazz superpowers and so applied them to noble causes such as preventing an apocalypse, winning the world cup and Teletubbies. Tickets are available here and we're then taking it on a UK tour!





The Harry And Chris Show(s) (2016-2017)

Our first show was comprised of most of the songs we had ever written together and had a similar naming process to the band itself. Highlights included a song about monopoly, a 'Christian Youthwork Medley' and attempts to simultaneously win best and worst joke of the fringe (and can be found on Spotify by clicking the button at the bottom of this page!). Our second show very much built on where the first show left off with robot love, time travel and panda repopulation, but despite it being our comedy debut, calling it 'The Harry And Chris Show 2' probably didn't help any dreams of winning  any best newcomer awards.