Some clips of us performing from across the internet...

Finding Joy Through Comedy-Rap-Jazz | Harry And Chris @ TEDxUniversityOfBristol

We had a lot of fun trying to distil what we do (and why) into 15 minutes for the TEDx stage and are really grateful to everyone involved for giving us this platform. We decided to show what we do as well as tell, and shared 3 songs that hopefully capture us the best, as well as a bit of context around them (and us!).

We're Still Here (end of the world song)

After coming to our fringe show and not being put off by the fact we reserved him a seat with a soggy piece of cardboard, Russell Howard asked us to write a topical song for his show 'The Russell Howard Hour'. The end of the world had been predicted and we had 4 days to write a song about it. Excitingly, two of those days were Chris' stag do, and even more excitingly the song went so well we were asked back a further two times, including a Christmas song with a live reindeer!

The World Cup Song

Our first official music video - as part of exploring our Comedy-Rap-Jazz superpowers we wanted to follow in the footsteps of other iconic duos and try and inspire the England team to greatness with a realistic world cup anthem. We even made it available to buy on iTunes(!) and topped the UK comedy charts for at least long enough to take a screenshot and put it on Instagram.  It also got shared on Unilad to a slightly more mixed response than we intended.

The V Word

One of the many songs inspired by and debuted at our Joyride nights, where we have comedy and poetry guests, a live band, and about 100 song suggestions thrown at us via paper planes in the space of 3 seconds. This particular one song was instigated by Chris when Harry decided to go Vegetarian for lent, and as this is the first time it was ever performed the raw emotion is palpable.

The scientist and the bumblebee 

Technically our oldest song (unless you count covers of The Arctic Monkeys ft. Dizzee Rascal in local scout huts aged 15, and why wouldn't you) and very much the poetry-and-jazz iteration of Harry and Chris (before we thought to call ourselves Harry and Chris!) -  It kicked off the first Harry and Chris Show in 2016, in many ways making us the comedy-rap-jazz superstars you know and love today.